The NEXT Generation of Mobile Communications

Whether you operate City-Wide, Province-Wide or Canada-Wide, we've got you covered. Nextcom's 4G LTE radios work where YOU work, providing instant, real-time communications across your teams wherever they may be. Surprisingly affordable with a host of options to suit almost every business need, FLEX is your next two-way radio system.

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Anywhere Digital PTT

FLEX Push-To-Talk radios are real radios that operate anywhere in Canada where there is 3G/4G cellular coverage. The service includes unlimited usage with zero roaming fees or long-distance fees. For one low-monthly rate, your teams communicate across town, across the province or across the country. If you operate in the U.S., add this coverage option to your FLEX package.

Nationwide LTE Push-to-Talk

Local Digital DMR

For 22 years Nextcom has provided Calgary-area businesses with reliable, always-on two-way radio communications products and services. We recently upgraded our network to digital DMR technology and increased both coverage and capacity. If you're doing business in Calgary, click on the link to learn more about our digital radios and service package options or call today to arrange a free demo.

Calgary-Area Digital Service

Specialized Coverage

No matter your coverage requirements, Nextcom can design, install and maintain radio systems and repeater networks for any business specification. EXPO provides crystal-clear two-way radio communications for hotels & resorts, stadiums, and underground malls using existing Wi-Fi signals. Our technical team can design your radio system with your particular needs in mind.

In-Building Radio over Wi-Fi

With EXPO from Nextcom, the unreliability of "line-of-sight" analog radios

stretched across a large property are a thing of the past. EXPO lets you

communicate seamlessly in every corner of your property using existing

Wi-Fi infrastructure, offering true in-building communication. Perfect

for hotels, shopping malls and warehouses.

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Digital Radio for Business Communications

Digital two-way radios from Nextcom make dedicated two-way communications faster, clearer, and easier to use in all environments. Nextcom digital radios increase productivity, reduce costs, enhance customer service and ensure worker safety.