No more in-building dead spots! Nextcom EXPO

uses Radio over Wi-Fi technology

to instantly communicate with teams

seamlessly throughout and between buildings.

Wide-Area Coverage

Works everywhere you have Wi-Fi signal across your building or property. Extend the network easily by expanding your WiFi Access Points.


 There are no spectrum license fees or user charges of any kind. Radios work over broadband IP backbone as part of your existing WiFi network.


Includes all the features of conventional radios including Private and Group calling, Emergency Call, Emergency Alarm to name a few.

Voice Recording

In case you missed it... Instantly play back your last 5 conversations with the push of a button. Plays the last message first.

Lightning Fast

Radios are always-on and connect instantly whenever you're ready to talk. No waiting time, no hang time, and no voice mail!

Reliable & Secure

Radio over Wi-Fi is reliable and secure, plus you're able to add an optional layer of encryption to further protect the safety of your communications.


Start with just a few users and expand your system to include up to 200 employees on the system in as many talk groups as you require.

Dispatch Capable

Add our Dispatch Software to increase command and control of your users. Instantly talk and text right from any enabled PC.

Radio Over Wi-Fi System Applications

two way radio for hotels wifi
Hotels & Convention Centers
two way radio for supermarkets and distribution wifi
Supermarkets & Large Retail
two way radio for shopping malls wifi
Shopping Malls
two way radio for warehouses wifi
two way radio for stadiums wifi
Stadiums & Auditoriums
two way radio for hospitals wifi

Nextcom EXPO is affordable and tailored to meet your specific needs. Click on the link to get in touch with us and see how EXPO can help your business communicate more effectively and safely, providing an increase in your employee and customer satisfaction!

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